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Cocao Rainforest Lodge offers a relaxed off-grid environment in the middle of Belize's pristine rainforest. Our 3600 square foot lodge is nestled in the rainforest off of the scenic Hummingbird Highway near the famous Caves Branch River, Blue Hole, and Saint Herman's Cave in Belize Central America 10 miles south of the capital city Belmopan. We offer well maintained beautifully art crafted rustic rooms and our facility has an out door deck, hammocks, heated showers, tours and an adventurous style you hope to find in most inclusive style settings. We also have Mayan chocolate processing, A chocolate shop, restaurant, and offer tours from our location to many area's in Belize.

We are centrally located making our location a desirable place to stay when wanting to tour the country. Our lodge is situated on just under 17 acre's of lush jungle with private hiking, nearby caves, and we have plenty of wild life at our doorstep. We have Lamanai Chocolate processing organic chocolate in the old world fashion of the Mayan on the property making our destination a favorite for those wanting something unique for their Belize get away.

Adventures that must be experienced to be believed...But once experienced, Never Forgotten!

Experience Belize adventure tours at its best at Cacao Rainforest Lodge and Lamanai Chocolate. We start by taking you too eleven hundred A.D., when making chocolate was hand crafted, with our style and authentic Maya roasting the beans of the Gods. Cacao Rainforest Lodge shares its property with Lamanai Chocolate but we also take you deeper into a journey of the magic of cultures, plants and the animals' lives of the Belize jungle. Marvel at the mystifying lost Maya ruins, explore mysterious caves and caverns, and immerse yourself in the majestic experiences you can ever have. An abundance of full and half day trips await you at Cacao Rainforest Lodge, where our Belize adventure tours are designed especially for you.

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