Are we right for you

We are an eco-lodge in the rainforest of Central America near the Caribbean Coast. We are off grid with solar, LED lighting, rain catch water, and wild animals at your door step. We live in a balanced ecosystem of animals, plants, insects, and we are their guests in it! 

We have weather shifting from hot to rain and back again in a matter of minutes. Our rooms are clean and well maintained. Yet have an open air feel giving you the adventure so many desire from a Belize vacation. We have caves and sink holes within a few feet of our Lodge. We have private hiking to allow you to meander around our property, but please take an experienced guide with you as you can get turned around and be less than 200 feet from the lodge! 

We are better than any resort or posh business because we have less wifi, less amenities, and more personality than most other places in Belize. You are not a number to us, you are why we are here, to enjoy our lives and have an adventure. We also have organic chocolate being processed on the same property by our sister company Lamanai Chocolate. Could there be a better thing to top off an adventure than chocolate and learning old world art crafted ways of the chocoalte industry?